Open Letter to The Lord Mayor on His Negative Attacks Against Ham and Nakivubo Stadium

Late last week, pictures showing the status of the redevelopment of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium were all over social media. These pictures proved that there is a good progress in transforming Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium from a dilapidating structure into a modern sports facility that will help in the growth of Uganda’s sports sector.

The redevelopment of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium is a self-funded project by our very own investor and businessman, Hajji Hamis Kigunddu the Chief Executive Officer of Ham Group of Companies who has put in large amount of money to make sure that this stadium reaches the standards everyone would admire and be proud of.
However, even though Ham is working hard to make a lasting legacy of modernizing this stadium, people who would have supported him or even the direct beneficiaries have turned the guns against him.

It was such a hurting incidence to see the Kampala Capital City Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago use his facebook account to downplay the redevelopment of great project. We should all remember that this is not the first time the Lord Mayor has come out to criticize Ham’s efforts in transforming Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium.

It is unfortunate that the Lord Mayor’s spectacles only see things in a negative angle even though it’s the for the benefit of the country and the entire sports sector. We all know that it in the Lord Mayor’s DNA to oppose everything whether political or developmental but that won’t stop Uganda from developing because even when Jesus was doing visible miracles while on earth, some did not believe him and others opposed him as well.

That said, the Kampala Lord Mayor is always on government paid trips to foreign cities that to learn how to improve Kampala yet it gets worse every year. For the time the Lord Mayor has been in Kampala as a political leader, he has never constructed even a kiosk where a low-income earner can rent and start a business. He criticizes President Museveni for being a dictator but at the same time, he enjoys life in expensive cars, allowances, security and other benefits using the tax payer’s money in a government led by what he calls a dictator.

Lord Mayor, its so unfortunate that you cannot appreciate an achievement from this patriotic Ugandan yet most of us would have expected that such a great project should have been worked on by bigger institution like the one Lord Mayor heads. We have waited but in vain and I hope that no matter how long it has taken to this stadium to be completed, a person like Ham deserves a credit.

For over twenty years when the Lord Mayor is in the top leadership of Kampala, this stadium was in a dilapidating state under his watch but he decided to stay silent not until Ham came out to redevelop it. It is ironical for the Lord Mayor to say that this stadium is as big as a tennis court yet he has never made a site visit.

I keep wondering how a leader like the Lord Mayor could always refer to a statement which Ham made in Dubai but later corrected. We all know that it was the slip of the tongue but the Lord Mayor is using this just to keep his negative political millage.

I think we should give respect where its due. Currently someone can drive his car and park it at the rooftop of Ham Business center because Hajji Hamis Kigunddu has organized the Nakivubo area and created well planned business space for Ugandans.

By David Serumaga
Concerned Citizen