Nturagye rashid

MUST Loses Soon To Graduate Doctor

Mbarara university of Science and Technology announced the death of their own, Mr. Rashid Nturagye who was murdered in the wee hours of the night along Mbarara – Ibanda Road. It was revealed in a tweet.

Nturagye had completed his undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery and was waiting for his graduation.

Sankara Byaruhanga personally went CPS Ibanda to get more info about circumstances that led to Dr. Rashid’s death. Acording to Police, Rashid hired a Boda Boda from Mbarara to Ibanda and he couldn’t pay after getting to Ibanda.

Boda guys surrounded him and assaulted him. He was then rescued by police, he however tried to fight a certain officer, and that he immediately demanded to be released. Thereafter, he left while on foot at around 06PM, only to be recovered dead around Nyabuhikye, Kufuniza Farm today morning.

The above story was told to Sankara at Ibanda Police Station, in an office he was refered to as one that handles Murder investigations.

They went ahead and further suspected an extra mob justice that could have happened at the scene where his body was found.

He also talked to the sister who ideally was in touch with the police yesterday as the boda payment scuffle happened.

It should be noted that,
the sister said that Dr. Rashid had a few days ago exhibited strange mental health problems.

She said that she instructed the police to keep an eye on Rashid, until the family comes to pick him, citing the mental problem. Hours later, she received a call from police saying Rashid appeared sober and okay, and was thus released. She however was surprised to be informed about the brother’s death the next morning. She suspects Rashid was killed somewhere else, and dropped at the scene.
Sister’s call is on record!
May His Soul Rest in Peace