Kabale district smartphones for schools

Kabale District Receives 130 smartphones To Track Teacher Attendance.

One of the techniques used by the Ministry of Education and Sports to track daily attendance of both instructors and students and crack down on teacher-learner absenteeism is the distribution of cellphones and tablets to government-aided educational institutions currently and a number of districts have got these smartphones.

Moses Tumwijukye Bwengye, the acting Kabale District Education Officer, addressed the leaders of these organizations on Thursday and announced that the district had received 130 smartphones to be distributed to its 113 Universal Primary schools, 15 government-aided secondary schools, and two technical schools.

He said that the phones were given out as part of the ministry’s plan to use digital data management and information sharing technologies to implement Digital Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting by headteachers. Bwengye noted that information about each teacher at the school has been updated for the smartphones.