CAPABALE! Why Bugisu Sub_Region has Fronted Hon .Eng .Irene Muloni Nafuna to be appointed as a Minister Again

The bugisu people who voted for president museveni in 2021 overwhelmingly where rewarded with three ministerial position where two where in charge of karamoja and one for elderly.

They where not pleased but instead appreciated the appointing authority. Infact there biggest challenge was why send there own mps to be in karamoja and one In a position without any influence?.

On Friday all bugisu stakeholders gathered in mbale courts view hotel and discussed on what next because there is a public outcry why people who served well where dropped and those deployed where put in positions they can’t serve Bugisu.

They resolved by endorsing Hon Eng Irene Muloni Nafuna to be restored back because for over 8yrs she worked with president she always produced positive results.

Elder Wasuguyi Moses said that Hon Eng Irene Muloni Nafuna was there only hope because she is informed and could always first think about bugisu before herself.

Elder Wakameli Justus requested HE to reconsider appointing her in a suitable position in the nearby future because since she was dropped she has remained loyal to nrm and the current government as she continues to serve her people.