Big Step as Team Chairman MK Project Commissions Kigezi Sub Region Coordinators

Team Chairman MK Project, a diligent famous group promoting the achievements and ambitions of Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, Uganda’s first son and former commander of the country’s land forces, has on Saturday 25th February 2023 appointed Kigezi sub-Region Coordinators to drive the ideology of the group in the area Districts.

Team Chairman is an organized grouping of well-intentioned Ugandans of all categories headed by Toyota Nuwagira Kaguta(A.K Chairman) to strategically spearhead the MK Project throughout the country. It’s a long–term patriotic program, well designed by MK himself to contribute to and foster the Socio-Economic Development of Uganda.

Toyota Nuwagira told the gathering that as Team Chairman MK Project they aren’t fighting NRM as some blackmailers were alleging. He added that Team Chairman MK Project supports and loves the government and they are just preparing for the successful transition by promoting the achievements and ambitions of Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba whom he branded as “Standby Generator “.
” You know the meaning of stand-by Generator. Those alleging that we dont wnat government as just blackmailing us but am happy Ugandans know the truth and they Gen Muhoozi, they love President Museveni. All of us support government and its programmes and we are NRM , we love NRM. We are just preparing a successful transition and Gen.Muhoozi is our Brand” , Toyota told the coordinators.
He further introduced all the coordinators, most of them are Proffesionals in various fields and revealed Team Chairman MK Project is compromised of all categories of people across the country who love Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Chairman Toyota Nuwagira was accompanied by Jacquie Agrams Namuyonga a Ugandan attorney and group’s Gen. Secretary, Akatukwatsa Ben the Vice chairman, Felix Kayihura Head of Publicity, Tumuramye Francis Head of Political Ideology among other executive and technical members.

Kigezi sub-region in Western Uganda consists of; Kabale,Rukiga ,Rukungiri, Rubanda, Kanungu and Kisoro Districts.

The District coordinators in Kigezi Sub regional include;

Kabale-Moreen Namanya

Rukiga –Zakariah Aharizira

Rukungiri-Turyahabwe Innocent

Rubanda-Ivan Namanya

Kanungu –Charles Bamuhata

Kisoro-Kazimiiri Wilson

The above coordinators will work under supervision of the western Region Team chairman leader Agaba Gerald and their secretary general Yunusu Kyabalongo.

The majority of the inhabitants of the sub-region belong to three major ethnic groups; the Bakiga, Bahororo, Banyarwanda,Batwa, Bafumbira and others. The inhabitants of the sub-region also collectively refer to themselves as Abanyakigezi.

The secretary General Namuyonga revealed that the launch of coordinators in Kigezi will be followed by other regions around the country and hailed Toyota for spearheading the Project of Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

Addressing the gathering, Nuwagira reminded members to have Respect for one another, Tolerance and Guidance, Volunteerism, self-commitment, Exemplary leadership & humbleness, High standard Levels of organization all which have kept the team stronger since its formation.

During the launch session, coordinators were facilitated about the ideology of the Team by Dr.Tumuramye Francis the Head of Political Ideology at Team Chairman MK Project.

Dr. Francis urged supporters of Gen.Muhoozi and the appointed coordinators to spearhead the three main objectives of team chairman MK Project of;1.Uniting Ugandans with one love; to live, work and & develop together as one People and one Nation,2- Solving the youth’s future concerns once & for all. Through supporting their Talents development, mentorship, and listening to activate their individual initiatives and,3 Systematically, influence a peaceful transition of Power From our revolutionary leaders to the young generation of our time, with MK as their Brand and generational leader, aware that, there can never be a success in leadership without successful succession.

We’ve learnt that these coordinators have been previously undergoing orientation, induction, training, brainstorming about the Team Chairman MK project Ideology , how to be Patriotic among others.

In her remarks , Moreen Namanya the District Coordinator for Kabale which was the host District hailed Chairman Toyota for being visionary and uniting Ugandans by carrying out mobilization programs across the country which have included promoting talents ,communities among other achievements.

The event, held at Bunyonyi Safari Resort in Kabale was also attended by the Business community, religious and District leaders.

Team chairman MK Project came to limelight last year when it organized the first record breaking Gen.Muhoozi Kainerugaba 48th birthday fete at Lugogo Cricket Oval in Uganda’s capital Kampala freely accessible by all Ugandans.

The event was followed by other functions in different parts of the country where donations were made to schools, hospitals and promotion of talents.