24 Year Old Hacks Father to Death Over Land Wrangles

After a 24-year-old man named Wetaya slashed off his father’s head in a land dispute last Friday, Bumakuma village residents in the Namisindwa district are still in shock. 

Wilson Masai, 70, of Bumakuma village in Buwatuwa parish, Buwatuwa sub-county in Namisindwa is the one that was killed in the dispute.

Witnesses claim that Masai chastised his son on Friday for selling his land and all of the properties on it without his consent and promised to never leave him any more properties.

Wetaya allegedly got mad about this, so he took a sharp panga and cut off his father’s head before fleeing. The incident was confirmed by LC III chairperson Sam Kundu of Buwatuwa sub-county, who also stated that they are currently looking for Wetaya.