11 Suspects Escape From Cells in Dokolo

The public is being asked by the police to come forward with any information they may have on the 11 suspects who broke out of a cell at the Dokolo Central Police Station over the weekend.

The escapees reportedly include Raymond Okwang, Innocent Owiny, Allan Adep, Daniel Okwir, Ivan Epong, and Michael Eboga, according to North Kyoga police spokesperson Patrick Jimmy Okema. Isaac Okello, Patrick Ekadu, Ronald Okodi, Aaron Oryee, Oscar Ebwor, and others are also mentioned. Nine escapees, according to him, had court dates set while two others were the subject of inquiries.

The two cops who were on duty during the cell break and whose identities have been concealed, according to Okema, have been detained to assist with the inquiry.

Okema claims that early research indicates the cell was undamaged at the time of the escape.